We started the Lancaster Glasstown Project to give back. We wanted to use where we came from, our heritage, to rebrand and show that Lancaster has life.  We wanted to take design and use it for something good.  We were tired of hearing and seeing only bad news from Lancaster when we knew how much good still existed.  The negativity that can sometimes feel is taking over the city, or that this city is portrayed as a failed place, is not how we grew up feeling.  We have pride in it. So the idea to create something that could bring unity and support to the city was a no-brainer for us. That is what this project started as and that is the foundation of what we stand for as a company. We are an all American Made apparel company that does things the right way. We support American Jobs and families, and we make high-quality apparel that we can stand behind and be proud of. It’s something that our customers can be proud to wear, and we do it in a way that has a classic American feel. We want people to feel good about themselves in our clothing, and we want it to be as affordable as possible, while still using all American Made. 

To team up with Anchor Hocking was an awesome experience.  They donated 10,000 glasses to the project and they played an integral role.  Without their support, it would have never been possible.  It was great to see local companies working together to bring about one of the coolest things around.  

On our launch night, we had a big party at Keller Market House in Lancaster.  We featured bands from around the area such as Hocking River String Band and The Coal Cave Hollow Boys.  The beer was provided by Loose Rail Brewing and food trucks were parked out front.  Even on a cold winter night, the turn out was incredible.  We sold through over 150 sets of glasses in just a few hours and the community was excited about future possibilities.  We couldn't have asked for more.  

If you happen to visit any of the local restaurants or bars in the Lancaster area such as Ale House 1890 or Harry's Bar, you will see the glasses being used in production.  When you set out with a design project that is always the final goal.  To see your item being used in the way you intended.  For us, we couldn't be happier with the final products and for what the city accomplished.