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We started the Lancaster Glasstown Project to give back. We wanted to use where we came from, our heritage, to rebrand and show that Lancaster has life.  We wanted to take design and use it for something good.  We were tired of hearing and seeing only bad news from Lancaster when we knew how much good still existed.  The negativity that can sometimes feel is taking over the city, or that this city is portrayed as a failed place, is not how we grew up feeling.  We have pride in it. So the idea to create something that could bring unity and support to the city was a no-brainer for us. That is what this project started as and that is...

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We Are One Month In! Here Are Some Thoughts.

I rarely take it off.I got my Lohcal "Made In Ohio" hoodie a little less than a week ago but it's already replaced my faithful standby hoodies and become my go-to.  But what is it exactly about this thing that makes it so hard to take off?Well maybe I'm biased since it is our product, but this hoodie is incredibly comfortable both inside and out.  It also looks sharp and well-made, like only something made entirely in America can.  You see, we were incredibly picky about where we sourced our materials.  We wanted to be able to look you in the eye when we told you Lohcal is 100% American made.  Our apparel not only feels great on your body, but...

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Wait... ANOTHER Ohio-Based Apparel Company?

It's nothing new in the Buckeye State.  There are as many apparel companies here as there are weather changes.  Why in the name of Woody Hayes did we feel the need to make another one?The answer is simple.  While there are many apparel companies to chose from here in Ohio, most of them are not entirely made in America.  We are.  Everything we offer is American made.  The cotton was grown in North Carolina, the clothing was sewn in New York, and the design and screen-printing was done right here in Columbus, Ohio.  Heck, even the thread comes from America.  We didn't miss a stitch.Does this really matter?  We think it does.  We take great pride in our country and the...

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